The Oil Cage
The Oil Cage Manufactured By Canard Systems
The Oil Cage Wall-Mount Less Mess Solution
The Oil Cage Wall-Mount Less Mess Solution
The Oil Cage Wall-Mount Less Mess Solution

Introducing the "Less Mess" Solution!

The Oil Cage™ is the best and easiest way to dispense any liquid sold in 4.6 gallon containers!

The Oil Cage™ is a cooking oil dispenser, margarine dispenser, canola oil dispenser, pancake syrup dispenser, vegetable oil dispenser, the list is endless!


Built and designed for ease and control without mess and heavy lifting of containers.


The "Oil Cage"™ is a 3 gauge nickel-chrome wire basket cradled in a sturdy frame designed to handle a 4.6 gallon container and 35 pound container.


Save time, money and space! The "Oil Cage"™ includes a versatile frame that can be used on the counter, table-top or wall (wall-mount bracket sold separately).



Oil Cage™ Deluxe

Includes: One Oil Cage, One Wall-Mount bracket, One Rieke Cap and One Flo-Rite Faucet.

Everything you need in one package!

PRICE: $99.95

Oil Cage™

Includes: One Oil Cage,

Wall-Mount bracket, One Rieke Cap and One Flo-Rite Faucet not included.

PRICE: $89.95

Optional Accessories:

Rieke Cap & Flo-Right Faucet

Sold as a unit. Fits a standard 4.6 gallon container with a 63 mm opening. Faucet fits a standard 3/4" (20mm) drum opening and is made of polyethylene for greater chemical resistance and more positive thread engagement.

PRICE: $19.95

Plastic Wrench

For the Cap and Faucet (sold separately). The drum wrenches are used to open drums quickly and easily, helps to reduce user stress and minimizing knuckle injury. (Photo may not represent wrench that is shipped)

PRICE: $19.95

Wall-Mount Bracket

Designed for the Oil Cage, this space-saving option allows for even more versatility and less-mess!

Oil Cage not included.

PRICE: $19.95

Discount shipping available for franchise or bulk ordering. Please call for more information before placing your order.


CALL: 877-OIL-CAGE (645-2243)

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